Unleashing Fun, One Gumball at a Time!

Welcome to Calvy®, your go-to destination for delightful gumball machines that sprinkle fun into every moment! Inspired by the playful nickname of a precious son, our name symbolises the joy, love, and spirited moments we aim to bring into every family and occasion through our range of gumball machines.

A Fun Brand with a Heart At Calvy®, we’re not just about gumballs; we’re about creating smiles, sparking joy, and making memories. Our essence lies in being a brand that radiates fun and enables families, friends, and even colleagues to share delightful moments together.

Why Choose Calvy®?

  • UK’s Largest Online Seller: Proudly standing as the UK’s largest online seller of gumball machines, Calvy® brings you a diverse and exciting range to cater to every whim and preference.
  • Versatile Range: Explore our Versatile Range, spanning from 8.5 inches to a whopping 36 inches. Our machines, available in both plastic and metal, boast a variety of mechanisms, from simple to spirally fun, ensuring a perfect match for every age and event. Discover our best sellers, including the iconic 15 Inch Metal Gumball Machine and the captivating 10 Inch Spiral Gumball Machine, each combining classic charm with modern durability. Elevate your events with these delightful additions that add a touch of nostalgia and fun to any occasion.
  • Quality You Can Trust: Partnering with some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers, Calvy® ensures each gumball machine is crafted with meticulous quality control, promising you not just a product but a durable source of joy.

For Every Age and Every Stage While kids light up at the sight of our colourful gumball machines, adults, or as we lovingly call them, “adult kids,” find their inner child gleaming with excitement too! Event planners, businesses, interior designers, and families find a little extra sprinkle of joy with our machines, making us a delightful addition to weddings, offices, homes, and more.

Customer Love Your smiles speak for us! With a wealth of positive reviews, our customers vouch for the sturdy build and satisfaction that comes packed with every Calvy® gumball machine. Your joyous moments and happy memories fuel our commitment to bringing you nothing but the best.

Looking Ahead While Calvy® has carved its niche as one of Europe’s biggest direct-to-consumer gumball machine suppliers, our journey of evolution continues. With plans to expand our product lines and delve into community initiatives, we aim to bubble up more happiness, one gumball at a time!

Join Us in the Calvy® Adventure Explore our range, dive into a world where gumballs meet gleeful giggles, and let’s create a cascade of cheerful moments together!